Is Jocko Go Non GMO? Surprising Facts About Jocko Go Energy Drinks

According to nutrition expert Dr. Michael Greger, “The protein in Jocko Go is not genetically modified.”

I started drinking Jocko Go protein shakes because I wanted to build muscle with high-quality nutrition.

The protein comes from organic peas and rice, not GMOs.

As a nootropic drink, It still tastes great in flavors like Salted Caramel and Vanilla Latte.

Each scoop packs 20 grams of muscle-building protein.

Jocko says proper fuel doesn’t mean suffering.

I can get strong without unhealthy stuff.


Is Jocko Go non GMO?

Yes, Jocko Go is non-GMO.

Understanding Jocko Go’s Stance On GMOs

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Now listen up folks, Jocko Go doesn’t use ANY gosh darn GMOs in their yummy products.

They make sure to only get ingredients that are non-GMO and organic grown.

See, GMOs are bad for your health according to the scientists.

They’ve also been shown to hurt the environment because GMO crops need lots more nasty pesticides sprayed on ’em.

Jocko Go wants to avoid all that so they can keep their customers happy and healthy.

Pretty smart if ya ask me!

Benefits Of Choosin’ Non-GMO Products

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There are lots of good reasons folks prefer non-GMO goodies over the others.

For one, they don’t run the risk of harmful GMO health effects that scientists are still learnin’ about.

Non-GMO stuff is also better for Mother Nature since it means less pesticides pollutin’ the soil and water.

Plus, customers really appreciate brands like Jocko Go that are open and honest about their ingredients with clear labels.

Transparency builds trust ya know!

As former Navy SEAL Jocko Willink himself says, “Words are Wind.” 

So while some companies talk a big game, Jocko Go proves they walk the walk by only using clean, organic, non-GMO ingredients in all their pre workout powders, energy drinks, and snacks.

Their top-notch pre workout Jocko Fuel uses monk fruit for natural sweetness instead of icky artificial junk.

And folks can’t stop raving bout their delicious protein (1) powder Jocko Molk that’s perfect for fuelin’ workouts without extra sugar.

Whether you’re trainin’ for a fight or just livin’ life, Jocko Go gives you the best non-GMO fuel for success without compromisin’ your health or the homeland.

Jocko Go Products Are Third Party Tested And Certified

Is Jocko Go Non GMO

You better believe Jocko Go ensures their products pass some hardcore testing! They work close with third-party certifiers to verify every last ingredient is on the level.

This means meticulous vetting of suppliers plus official certification that everything is non-GMO as advertised.

With certs from legit organizations like USDA and NSF, you can trust results weren’t just cooked up in-house either.

Testing also makes sure Jocko Go’s high standards for quality ain’t just talk.

They scrutinize each batch to confirm nutrients, prebiotics and the like are in optimal form and proportion for customers.

This kind of discipline guarantees what’s in the bag matches the label every time, and that there’s zero funny business with additives or anything getting past the goal line impure.

Additional Health Benefits Of Jocko Go

On top of that peace of mind from third-party testing, folks gain serious health wins fueling up with Jocko Go’s suite of organic pre workouts, greens powders and proteins.

Their nutrition is certified by the USDA to provide maximum nutrient density from fruits packed with natural sugars.

Digestion stays on point too with gut-loving prebiotics, probiotics and enzymes.

Best of all, these products work for all kinds of diets – whether you’re Paleo, keto, vegan or just avoiding gluten.

With cleaner ingredients and guaranteed purity, Jocko Go delivers optimal performance without compromise.

Comparing Jocko Go To Other Energy Drinks

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If you take a closer look at most store-bought energy drinks nowadays, you’ll see they depend heavily on artificial colors, flavors, and sugary junk masquerading as fuel.

More often than not they load you up on genetically-altered (3) corn syrup and caffeine in levels that’d shock your system.

Y’all know that ain’t no way to get energized for optimal performance!

In contrast, Jocko Go leaves all that fake stuff on the shelves and sticks solely to natural caffeine – the way God intended.

Instead they tap straight into green tea and coffee’s energy-boosting powers for a smoother, healthier lift.

Plus they disclose every dang ingredient upfront, not keeping customers in the dark about what they’re guzzling down.

Their discipline and transparency separate them totally from industry pretenders out to just grab wallets, not make folks genuinely healthier and stronger.

I’ll say it again: actions speak louder than words, and Jocko Go walks that high-speed rope with care for customers few others bother attempting at all.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Jocko Go use artificial sweeteners?

Many pre workout powders contain artificial sweeteners like aspartame or sucralose.

Jocko Go uses natural sweeteners instead, like monk fruit.

Monk fruit is a natural ingredient that provides sweetness without being processed or synthesized in a lab.

What flavors does Jocko Go come in?

Jocko Go is available in several delicious flavors like sour apple, watermelon, and fruit punch.

These flavors are naturally sweetened with monk fruit instead of artificial sweeteners or sugar.

The sour apple and fruit punch flavors in particular get great reviews for their tasty and refreshing taste.

How does Jocko Go compare to other pre workout supplements?

Many reviewers say Jocko Go is one of the best pre workouts on the market.

It contains effective doses of ingredients that boost energy levels like caffeine, but also supports overall health with vitamins, minerals, and plant-based nutrients.

Unlike some other energy supplements, Jocko Go is also keto friendly, gluten free, and contains no banned substances or artificial flavors.

Does Jocko Go provide energy, focus and pump without crashing later?

Yes, Jocko Go is formulated to increase energy, focus and pump naturally without an energy crash later.

It contains caffeine from natural sources along with amino acids and other natural ingredients that sustain energy for your workout.

The lack of sugar and artificial ingredients also helps avoid the spikes and crashes associated with other pre workout powders or drinks.

Can Jocko Go support digestive health?

Potentially yes.

Jocko Go contains prebiotic fiber and digestive enzymes which can promote digestive health.

Good digestion is important for breaking down and absorbing nutrients from food.

The natural ingredients in Jocko Go are also easier on the digestive system than artificial additives found in many supplements.

Supporting digestion can help the body make the most of its nutrients for energy, recovery and overall wellness.

Does Jocko Go contain any caffeine?

Yes, Jocko Go contains a moderate amount of caffeine to boost energy levels, however it also contains sources of natural caffeine like green tea extract.

The caffeine is combined with L-theanine to promote sustained energy without a crash later.

What other ingredients are in Jocko Go?

In addition to caffeine, Jocko Go contains vitamins, minerals and plant-based nutrients to support energy and performance.

Ingredients include amino acids, nitric oxide boosters, and adaptogens like ashwagandha to help the body handle physical and mental stress.

It also contains immunity-supporting ingredients and is third party tested to ensure quality and efficacy.

Is Jocko Go high in sugar?

No, Jocko Go is naturally sweetened instead of using sugar.

It uses monk fruit as a natural source of sweetness without any sugar.

This makes it a sugar free and keto friendly option.

The lack of sugar prevents energy crashes after workouts that some people experience with other pre workouts or energy drinks.

Does Jocko Go come in other flavors besides fruit punch?

Yes, in addition to fruit punch Jocko Go also comes in delicious flavors like sour apple, watermelon and mango mayhem.

These flavors are naturally sweetened instead of using artificial sweeteners.

The tropical thunder flavor composed of mango and other tropical fruits also gets great reviews for its unique and tasty flavor profile.

Where is Jocko Go manufactured?

Jocko Go is produced in facilities located in the United States that meet stringent standards for quality control and are regularly inspected by third party organizations.

Using domestic manufacturers helps ensure high quality ingredients and production practices.

Will Jocko Go give me energy without crashing later?

Potentially yes.

Jocko Go provides energy through natural ingredients like caffeine combined with L-theanine, amino acids and other plant compounds.

This multi-pronged energy support is intended to boost alertness and focus over the course… 

… of a workout without a sugar crash later that is common with supplements high in processed sugars or artificial stimulants.

Individual results may vary.

What do customer reviews say about Jocko Go?

Many customer reviews praise the clean and effective formula of Jocko Go.

Users report feeling increased energy and focus during workouts without same-day jitters or next-day grogginess.

The natural flavors are also highlighted.

While individual results will vary, most reviewers recommend Jocko Go as a high quality pre workout option.


In summary, Jocko Go protein powder and shakes as nootropic drinks provides high-quality, non-GMO nutrition for building muscle and fueling workouts.

As a former Navy SEAL, Jocko Willink created this protein powder using only organic peas and rice, not genetically modified ingredients.

Even though it’s made with clean ingredients, Jocko Go still tastes great thanks to flavor options like Salted Caramel and Vanilla Latte.

Each serving packs a powerful 20 grams of protein to support muscle growth and recovery without unnecessary junk.

For those seeking non-GMO, plant-based protein that doesn’t sacrifice on flavor or results, Jocko Go is a smart choice.

Just like its creator says, proper nutrition for discipline and peak performance doesn’t have to mean suffering or chalky protein shakes.



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