Editorial Process

Nootropicmax takes pride in our work and is always honest with our readers.

As we continue to grow, we stay faithful to the high standards we set as a smaller team of researchers, writers and supplement experts.

We have an online vetting process, allowing our writers to check facts and write objectively across a wide range of topics.

We only work with and promote companies that have a strong ethical framework, with which we have had dialogue and that have been tested and tried by us.

Our editorial process starts from research and takes us through to the final step of publication. You can find out more about this here:

Research & Understanding

Every article published on Nootropicmax has already undergone a thorough research phase before it reaches our writers. While a topic may seem dubious, clinically under-researched, or not adhering to our editorial standards, we simply won’t cover it.

For topics that we feel have actual value to our readers, we commission them to a member of our writing team who is an expert in the given subject.

Our team is composed of growing experts in various areas of nutrition, supplementation and nootropics, as well as experienced and hardcore personal trainers. Our experts test their advice in reality by seeing the results with their own eyes and through their own efforts and exercise.

With a growing team of experts in various fields, we allowing our writers time to do in-depth research and testing before the writing stage.

Aiming For 100% Accuracy

Our content is not accurate only if it’s 100% inaccurate, so we aim at 100% accuracy in every piece of content that we produce

This makes the role of the editors absolutely crucial because oftentimes the pace of the nutrition and supplementation industry moves fast. Therefore, every piece of written content is fact checked by our editors and we sometimes even review our older content when new studies are released or scientific opinion changes.

This is clearly the case with nootropics as the new supplement industry is not very far behind.


We strive to remain impartial when reviewing a product or writing a guide.

Where relevant, we include affiliate links that help to cover the cost of producing the content. However, our content is never influenced by monetary gain and this income helps us keep our editorial process robust.

As mentioned above, we only include products that pass our screening process in the research phase, but where we don’t include top-notch products, we will make that clear, as well as suggest better alternatives.

The most impressive of products will have issues, and while these might be few and far between, when they are present, we will definitely highlight these.


We assign writers based on their knowledge of the given subject, and nothing else. Our professionals are generally based in the United States and the United Kingdom and are considered part of our team. We do not work with writers on a one-off basis, and as a result, we are able to provide an extremely comfortable level of expertise in each and every article and review published.


Our articles go through a three-step proofreading process. First, they are carefully checked for facts, then they are accurate in spelling and grammar and finally they are assessed for application in the real world. This is usually undertaken by two of our editors.

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