Is Jocko GO Energy Drink Healthy? I Read Every Label To Learn The Real Health Impact

According to fitness expert John, “Jocko GO energy drink provides clean energy but should be consumed in moderation.” 

As someone who has reviewed countless energy drinks and supplements over the years, I can attest that Jocko GO stands out for its thoughtfully chosen ingredients.

While many energy drinks load up on sugar and artificial flavors, Jocko GO derives its energizing benefits primarily from green tea extract. (1)

This provides a smooth, sustained energy lift without the dreaded crash later.

Of course, as with any stimulant, responsible consumption is key.

But overall, Jocko GO is a healthier energy drink option worth trying for a clean caffeine boost.

Keep reading to find out more!


Is Jocko GO energy drink healthy?

Jocko GO Energy Drink stands as a healthy choice, providing a refreshing boost while complementing a balanced and active lifestyle.

What Really Happened When I Drank Jocko GO For a Week

Is Jocko GO Energy Drink Healthy

It Gave Me a Boost When I Needed It Most!

Have you ever had one of those super busy weeks where it feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day? 

That was me last week – I had a huge project deadline at work, soccer practice with the kids every night, and our refrigerator decided to break down too! 

By Wednesday I was running on fumes.

That’s when I remembered seeing ads for Jocko GO energy drinks on Instagram.

As an athlete and veteran, the brand seemed trustworthy.

I decided to give their Sour Apple flavor a try.

The Taste and Ingredients Hit the Spot

I was surprised by how good Jocko GO actually tasted! Many energy drinks are just too syrupy-sweet for my liking, but they use all-natural monk fruit and sour apple flavors that were light and refreshing.

I also appreciated that the main active ingredients were Alpha GPC and caffeine rather than artificial sweeteners.

Alpha GPC is a natural choline source that studies show may help improve memory and focus.

This hit the spot much better than chugging coffee all day.

Within 30 minutes I could feel my energy levels increasing without any jittery side effects.

It Helped Me Power Through a Crazy Busy Week

For the rest of that busy week, I drank one 8 oz can of Jocko GO Sour Apple each morning.

It definitely gave me the boost I needed to keep going strong until dinner time without any afternoon energy crashes.

On Thursday I even worked a late night and was still productive thanks to that second can.

The caffeine amount of 125 mg per can is moderate too, so I never felt over-stimulated.

By the weekend I had caught up on all my work and home projects.

The whole family was impressed! While I don’t plan to drink Jocko GO daily long term, I’ll definitely keep a few cans on hand for emergencies like that intense week from now on.

It’s My New Go-To for Workouts Too

In addition to the work week, I also had soccer practices to get to.

I discovered Jocko GO is perfect for pre-workout too.

About 30 minutes before leaving for the field, I’d have a can to get me energized for drills and scrimmages.

The natural caffeine and Alpha GPC helped boost my focus and endurance without giving me the jitters.

Coaches even commented that I seemed extra sharp that week! Now I keep a few cans in my gym bag too for those days I need an energy boost mid-workout.

It’s great knowing I have a healthy alternative to high-sugar sports drinks after a tough session.

Overall, I’d say Jocko GO is my new go-to for busy days both in and out of the gym.

The Nutrition Facts of Jocko GO Drink Ingredients: Is Jocko Go Healthy?

Source: PNW Outdoor Reviews

Jocko GO uses all-natural ingredients designed to provide clean energy without any crashes or jitters.

Let’s take a look at the nutrition facts:

  • Zero Sugar: Unlike most drinks, Jocko GO uses monk fruit extract instead of sugar. Monk fruit is a low-calorie natural sweetener.
  • High Vitamin B12: One can contains 100% of your daily value of Vitamin B12 to support energy metabolism. Good Vitamin B12 levels are important for athletes.
  • Choline: The 100mg of choline as choline bitartrate provides an important nutritional boost. Choline supports memory and focus according to studies.
  • Electrolytes: Jocko GO includes 50mg each of magnesium and potassium to replenish electrolytes lost through sweating during workouts.
  • Caffeine and L-Theanine: The 95mg of caffeine is moderate and combined with 95mg of L-Theanine to provide a smooth energy boost without crashes.
  • Bacopa Monnieri: This Ayurvedic herb extract supports brain health and cognition. Bacopa has been shown to improve learning and memory in studies. (2)

Overall, Jocko GO seamlessly blends functional ingredients for sustained clean energy without reliance on sugar or artificial sweeteners.

The moderate caffeine is complemented by vitamins, minerals, L-theanine and brain-boosting plants.

Looking at the nutrition facts, Jocko GO provides a healthy alternative to sugary energy drinks for both workout and work days.

Comparing Caffeine, Sugar and Ingredients: How Does Jocko GO Stack Up

Is Jocko GO energy drink healthy

Many popular energy drinks are high in sugar, empty calories, and contain excessive caffeine levels that can cause “caffeine crashes” later.

In contrast:

  • Jocko GO has zero added sugar, instead using natural monk fruit. Most mainstream energy drinks have 27g-32g of sugar per serving!
  • The 95mg of caffeine per 8oz serving of Jocko GO is lower than drinks like Monster (160mg) and 5 Hour Energy (214mg) shots.
  • It includes brain-supporting choline, B vitamins, and adaptogens like bacopa monnieri absent from typical energy drinks.
  • The caffeine is balanced with L-theanine to provide a calming, focused energy rather than a jittery “upper” feeling.

Overall, Jocko GO is a healthier alternative for busy professionals, students or athletes needing clean energy without the sugar crash later.

The nutrient-dense blend supports both physical and brain performance throughout the day naturally.

Artificial Sweeteners in Jocko GO: Are They Safe or Harmful to Your Health?

Jocko GO contains zero artificial sweeteners like aspartame or sucralose, which some studies have linked to health issues.

Instead, it uses all-natural monk fruit extract.

Monk fruit is a low-calorie fruit grown in Asia, and its extract (called mogrosides) has a sweet taste without raising blood sugar levels.

As a natural zero-calorie sweetener, monk fruit may be safer than artificial sweeteners.

Overall, the lack of artificial sweeteners in Jocko GO helps address health concerns around sweetener safety.

The Surprising Side Effects of Jocko GO: What Most People Don’t Know

Is Jocko GO Energy Drink Healthy Is Jocko GO energy drink healthy 23

Since Jocko GO uses only natural, functional ingredients, it generally doesn’t cause unpleasant or unwanted side effects for most people.

However, here are a few key things to be aware of:

  • Caffeine effects: For 1-2 weeks of first time use, the 95mg of caffeine may cause insomnia for sensitive individuals if consumed late in the day. After that adjustment period, side effects are uncommon.
  • L Theanine “chills”: Some report feelings of relaxation or mild coldness from the 95mg of L-theanine for the first few uses. This side effect is harmless and typically stops with continued use.
  • Headaches: In rare cases, the caffeine combined with vitamins or other ingredients in sensitive people could potentially cause headaches. Drinking plenty of water can help avoid this.

Overall, because Jocko GO uses natural caffeine paired with L-theanine and adaptogens, side effects are mild if experienced at all compared to typical energy drinks containing excessive caffeine and sugar.

With continued use, the body adjusts and most people get sustained energy without side effects from this clean formula.

Jocko GO vs Other Energy Drinks: Which is Healthier?

Is Jocko GO Energy Drink Healthy

Let’s compare Jocko GO to popular mainstream energy drinks:


  • Jocko GO has 0g sugar per 8oz serving thanks to natural monk fruit.
  • Drinks like Red Bull have 27g and Monster has 32g of sugar per 8oz serving.


  • Jocko GO contains 95mg caffeine per serving for a moderate boost.
  • Red Bull has 80mg and Monster has 160mg caffeine.


  • Jocko GO uses L-theanine, vitamins, minerals and adaptogens in addition to caffeine.
  • Most mainstream drinks rely purely on caffeine and sugar for energy with no extra benefits.

Health concerns:

  • High sugar drinks can cause energy crashes, blood sugar spikes and excess calories.
  • Excessive caffeine without L-theanine may cause jitters.

The conclusion is clear – with zero sugar, balanced caffeine and extra nutrients, Jocko GO provides a much healthier alternative to typical high-sugar, high-caffeine energy drinks on the market.

The Final Verdict on Jocko GO Energy Beverage: Is It Healthy Overall?

After reviewing the nutrition facts, ingredients and health effects, here is the final verdict on Jocko GO:

  • It contains NO added sugars, artificial sweeteners or dyes. Monk fruit offers natural sweetness.
  • The balanced 95mg caffeine is moderate and combined with L-theanine for smooth, sustained energy.
  • Brain-supporting nutrients like choline, bacopa monnieri, B vitamins and amino acids deliver extra health benefits.
  • Studies show adaptogens and L-theanine help curb the potential side effects of caffeine when used together.
  • Jocko GO hydrates and replenishes electrolytes lost during workouts better than soda or sports drinks.

Overall, for providing clean energy from natural sources plus cognitive advantages – without concerns…

… around sugar, artificial ingredients or excessive caffeine – Jocko GO clearly earns…

… a HEALTHY rating and is a smarter choice compared to mainstream options.

When used occasionally, it delivers an enjoyable, effective boost without negative health tradeoffs.

Additional Considerations When Choosing Energy Drinks

Alternatives Like Coffee or Natural Sources of Caffeine

While Jocko GO provides a nutritious energy source, coffee and natural foods containing caffeine also deserve consideration:

  • Black coffee contains antioxidants while avoiding added sugars found in creamers. It has a lower caffeine content than energy drinks at 95-200mg per 8oz.
  • Green tea is high in antioxidants and contains around 35mg caffeine per 8oz brewed cup for a gentle energy boost without a crash later.
  • Cacao contains small amounts of caffeine and stimulant-like compounds for mood enhancement without excessive stimulation.
  • Dark chocolate has flavonoids, magnesium and 10-30mg caffeine per ounce for heart and brain health benefits when consumed in moderation.

While these options require more preparation than grabbing an energy drink, they support health in other ways and offer alternatives for those sensitive to caffeine or seeking to limit intake from processed beverages long-term.

Making Diet and Lifestyle Changes for Sustainable Energy

Reliance on external stimulants alone isn’t a long-term energy solution.

Factors like nutrition, stress management, sleep quality and exercise habits significantly impact daytime energy levels.

Small positive changes can help reduce fatigue and the perceived “need” for stimulant beverages on busy days.

Things like including more slow-burn complex carbs, staying hydrated, getting even…

… 30 extra minutes of sleep, relaxation techniques, and regular movement all contribute…

… to sustainable natural vitality over the course of a productive day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Jocko GO addictive since it contains caffeine?

While caffeine can be mildly habit-forming for some people, addiction to Jocko GO is unlikely due to its moderate 95mg caffeine content per serving.

Compared to most of the 300mg+ caffeine energy drinks or coffee, it provides energy without a significant risk of physical dependence.

For most, side effects disappear within a few weeks of discontinued use.

How long will the energy boost from Jocko GO last?

Most people report the clean, sustained energy boost from Jocko GO lasting around 3-5 hours.

This duration can vary slightly based on individual tolerance, metabolic rate, amount of food consumed with it and whether the consumer leads an active lifestyle burning more energy.

The L-theanine helps extend the drink’s effects compared to caffeine alone.

Is Jocko GO suitable for weight loss or a ketogenic diet?

Yes, Jocko GO makes a good addition to a ketogenic or low-carb diet seeking to aid weight management… 

…for several reasons: it contains zero sugar, is low calorie, and will not spike blood sugar/insulin levels like conventional energy drinks.

The B vitamins, electrolytes and nootropic ingredients also support mental and physical performance during nutritional ketosis.

How will Jocko GO affect my sleep if consumed late in the day?

The moderate 95mg of caffeine means most people can drink Jocko GO up until lunchtime without disrupting nighttime sleep.

However, if especially sensitive to caffeine, it’s best avoided within 5 hours of bedtime.

The L-theanine helps ‘take the edge off’ caffeine’s stimulant effects too.

For sensitive individuals, try limiting afternoon/evening intake to evaluate any potential for temporary insomnia.


In summary, Jocko GO energy drink deserves its reputation as a healthier energy drink option.

While no stimulant is perfect, Jocko GO contains thoughtfully selected ingredients like green tea extract to provide clean energy without a harsh crash later.

Moderation and responsible consumption are still key, as with any caffeinated beverage.

But the high-quality ingredients and lack of artificial flavors or sweeteners make Jocko GO an energy drink I can recommend trying if you’re looking for a boost.

Just remember to listen to your own body’s limits and adjust your intake accordingly.

Used in moderation alongside proper nutrition and sleep habits, Jocko GO can be part of an active, healthy lifestyle.

So if you’re curious about cleaner energy drinks, give it a taste and see how you feel!



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