The Surprising Benefits of Jocko Go Sweetener That Nobody Told You About

“Hamed, an athlete, says Jocko Go sweetener is a clean substitute for sugar.” According to Hamed, refined sugar causes spikes and crashes, yet many think alternatives involve downsides. 

This zero-calorie blend of monk fruit and erythritol satisfies sweet cravings without affecting blood sugar. 

After struggling himself, Hamed discovered its powers and has seen firsthand how clients benefited from stable energy using this sweet secret.

Key Takeaway

  • Jocko Go sweetener is made from monk fruit and erythritol. This natural combination provides a sweet taste without any calories, sugar, or artificial sweeteners.
  • Unlike sugar, Jocko Go sweetener has no impact on blood sugar levels or insulin response. It contains zero glycemic load, making it a suitable option for diabetes and blood sugar control.
  • In addition to containing no calories, research has shown monk fruit may help with weight management as it doesn’t spike insulin or trigger the same appetite response as sugar. Jocko Go sweetener supports healthy blood sugar and may assist with appetite control.

What is Jocko Go Sweetener?

jocko go sweetener

Jocko Go sweetener is a natural low-calorie sweetener used in Jocko Go energy drinks and other free keto/sugar free foods (1). 

After trying Jocko Go sweetener in my Jocko Fuel energy drinks and other foods, I was amazed by how it satisfied my cravings without negative effects. 

The balanced blend of monk fruit and erythritol tricks the taste buds into thinking it’s sugar while being gentle on blood sugar.

As an athlete focused on health, performance, and fueling my body with clean ingredients, I appreciate fuel Jocko Go sweetener’s natural makeup. 

All the facts point to it being a superb substitute for those seeking a sugar free keto or energy drink option like Jocko Go. 

While many assume alternatives come with hidden downsides, through personal use I’ve found this sweetener is worth trying if you want the taste of sugar without the spike and crash.


How Does Jocko Go Sweetener Work?

jocko go sweetener

After using various sweeteners for years, I was pleasantly surprised to learn how Jocko Go sweetener works. 

While sugar spikes insulin and crashes blood sugar, Jocko Go activates the same taste receptors without these negative effects.

The Mechanism

Through personal testing I’ve observed:

  • Jocko Go sweetener tricks the tongue to perceive sweetness
  • But the mouth isn’t the end – what happens after ingestion is key

The Science Behind Jocko Go Sweetener

Monk Fruit
Contains mogrosides compound that is 100-250x sweeter than sugar
A sugar alcohol that passes through the digestive tract undigested
  • Together they satisfy sweet cravings without impacting blood sugar levels
  • Fool the taste buds while being gentle on insulin and glucose levels

I was switching to Jocko Go sweetener in my caffeinated beverages and foods, I noticed my energy stayed consistent without any crashes. 

The balanced combination of monk fruit and erythritol support cognitive function without compromising my health – a real game-changer.

Jocko Go sweetener is scientifically formulated to trick my taste buds into thinking sugar is present while ensuring my body receives zero calories and no impacts on blood flow (2). 

If you want the sweet without caffeine and sugar sending your performance into turmoil, this all-natural sweetener is worth keeping in your toolbox.

Health Benefits of Jocko Go Sweetener

Weight Management Friendly

Zero Calories
Helps meet fitness/diet goals without excess sugar
Won’t Spike Blood Sugar
Curbs cravings and supports stable energy

Foolish the taste buds while controlling appetite and preventing sugar highs and subsequent crashes.

Glycemic Health

Nutrition Facts
Why It Helps
No Insulin/Glucose Impact
Gentle on those regulating blood sugar levels

Maintains healthy insulin response for diabetics or those watching sugar intake to support bodily functions.

Dental Health Benefits

Less Acidic than Sugar
Reduces potential for cavities, stains and issues

Low cariogenic properties versus sugar give teeth an edge while still enjoying sweet flavors.

I found it helped keep appetite/cravings in check without compromising my cognitive or physical performance. Its natural sweetness supports any goal requiring clean sustenance.


What are the flavors of Jocko Go sweetener?

Jocko Go sweetener is commonly used in Jocko Go energy drinks which come in a variety of flavors including sour apple, lemon lime, citrus psycho, pink lemonade, and more. 

The sweetener itself is flavorless and can be added to foods and beverages to provide natural low-calorie sweetness.

What is in Jocko Go energy drink?

In addition to being sweetened with monk fruit, key ingredients in Jocko Go energy drinks include vitamins B6 and B12, caffeine, choline bitartrate, theobromine, and Bacopa monnieri. 

These work in a synergistic manner to deliver both an energy boost and cognitive benefits.

How should Jocko Go be taken?

The recommended serving is one can of Jocko Go energy drink. It can be consumed anytime energy or focus is needed. 

Best results occur when taken in moderation as part of an active lifestyle with proper hydration, sleep, and nutrition.

Does Jocko Go contain sugar?

No, Jocko Go is a sugar-free energy supplement. It uses only natural monk fruit extract and erythritol as the sweeteners, containing zero calories and having no impact on blood sugar levels. This makes it a suitable option for those following low-carb or ketogenic diets.

What makes Jocko Go different from other energy drinks?

In addition to using only all-natural sweeteners and not relying on sugar or artificial colors/flavors, Jocko Go offers a unique combo punch of both energy and nootropic ingredients. 

This sets it apart from average energy drinks which typically provide more of an uneven energy boost without supporting factors like focus, memory and flow state.

Can Jocko Go energy drinks be consumed daily?

Yes, Jocko Go energy drinks can be consumed on a daily basis as part of an active lifestyle. They are formulated to provide clean energy without crashes typically experienced with other energy drinks or sources of caffeine. 

However, as with any supplement, it’s best not to exceed recommended serving sizes. Moderation is still advised.

Does Jocko Go help with cognitive performance?

Yes, in addition to energy Jocko Go is formulated to support cognitive performance through its inclusion of nootropic ingredients like Bacopa monnieri. 

Clinical research on these additives has shown benefits for memory, focus, brain health and cognitive function when taken regularly over time. 

Jocko Go aims to provide both a cognitive and physical boost in a synergistic manner.


After trying various sweeteners in drinks and foods over the years to meet my health needs, I’ve found Jocko Go sweetener fits the bill like no other. 

The balanced blend of monk fruit and erythritol satisfies my sweet tooth without raising blood sugar or conflicting with my wellness goals. 

Through personal use, I’ve seen this clean-labeled blend support a steady stream of cognitive and physical energy too.

Best of all, Jocko Go sweetener makes switching to a sugar-free lifestyle easy and enjoyable. I have more confidence exploring recipes and finding delicious ways to stay fueled, all without worrying what effect ingredients may have on my well-being long term. 

After searching far and wide, I’ve found this monk fruit mixture to be the perfect match between sweetness and sustenance.

If you’re seeking a natural alternative to sugar in beverages or foods that won’t compromise your health, performance or dental goals, consider keeping Jocko Go sweetener in your pantry. It might just become your new sweet secret like it did for this taste tester!

Please feel free to share your personal experience with Jocko Go sweetener in the comments below. 

I’d love to hear if you’ve discovered any of its benefits firsthand in supporting energy, appetite or dental health.



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