Does Spacegoods Rainbow Dust Taste Good? The Real Answer May Surprise You

According to Vanessa, “While the taste of Spacegoods rainbow dust is an acquired one, there are good reasons to develop a taste for it.”

When first trying Spacegoods rainbow dust, one might be caught off guard by its unique flavor profile. Combining adaptogenic mushrooms, herbs, cocoa, and other powerful wellness ingredients results in a taste unlike anything else. 

However, persevering and learning to identify the individual flavor nuances could unlock unexpected health benefits.

Key Takeaway

  • Spacegoods Rainbow Dust has a mild, subtly sweet taste resembling hot chocolate or milkshakes that many enjoy as an easy way to consume functional mushrooms and nootropics.
  • While a few reviewers find the taste too mild or sweet for their preferences, most agree it’s pleasantly chocolatey from the cocoa and cinnamon without tasting overly medicinal like some mushroom supplements.
  • Containing real ingredients like coffee, cacao, lions mane mushroom and maca root powder, the taste comes from natural sources rather than artificial flavors so it satisfies without resulting in a ‘chalky’ or chemical-like aftertaste that turns some people off supplements.

An Honest Review of the Taste of Spacegoods Rainbow Dust

 does spacegoods rainbow dust taste good

After years of trying out various supplements to enhance my productivity, I’ve found Spacegoods Rainbow Dust to be an excellent daily blend. While the taste is unlikely to impress everyone, I appreciate its subtle benefits. Here’s a closer look at this popular wellness product.

Product Description 

Spacegoods Rainbow Dust is a powder containing eight key ingredients including lions mane, maca root, and vitamin B5 (1). It’s designed to provide sustainable energy and focus throughout the day.

Editor’s Rating 

⭐⭐⭐⭐ – While not the most affordable option, Rainbow Dust offers a high quality daily formulation. Spacegoods also offers trial sizes and subscriptions for repeat customers.

Taste and Consistency

Mild taste like hot chocolate or milkshake. Slightly sweet due to natural sugars from ingredients like cocoa, lions mane mushroom, and maca root.
Mix easily into drinks or foods.

Ingredients that Affect Taste

Adaptogens and nootropics
Lions mane mushroom, cordyceps mushroom, ashwagandha, rhodiola rosea, maca root.
Coffee extract, chaga mushroom, vitamin B5.
New flavors
Vanilla cinnamon flavor contains skim milk, making it unsuitable for vegans.

Personal Preferences Affect judgements of Taste

  • Some find the taste too weak or sweet
  • Others enjoy the unique chocolatey or mild vanilla taste
  • Taste experience will vary between individuals


  1. Easy to mix into various foods and drinks
  2. Subtle yet noticeable boost to mood and focus
  3. New flavors like vanilla cinnamon expand options


  • Relatively expensive at ~$50 per bag
  • Taste won’t appeal to all preferences
  • Vanilla cinnamon flavor lacks vegan certification

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Benefits of Ingredients in Rainbow Dust

After years of seeking a premium dust blend to boost my brain health and daily routine, I’m still impressed by Rainbow Dust’s versatile formula. 

Its potent blend of mushrooms, herbs and superfoods provides me with sustained energy and reduced stress throughout long days. Here’s a closer look at how some key ingredients benefit focus, energy and mood.

does spacegoods rainbow dust taste good

Focus and Mental Performance

The lion’s mane in Rainbow Dust is ideal for my work, which requires laser focus on complex problems (2). After weeks of adding the powder to my morning smoothie, I began noticing sharper concentration throughout the day.

Lions mane mushroom
May improve focus and nerve growth factors.
Coffee extract
Provides caffeine for energy and alertness.
Rhodiola rosea and ashwagandha
Help reduce stress and anxiety.

Sustained Energy

Cordyceps and maca root have long been hailed by athletes as optimum performance enhancers (3). On busy weeks, Rainbow Dust’s version of these mushrooms helps maintain my energy level until evening.

Cordyceps mushroom
Traditionally used to boost stamina and endurance.
Maca root
Traditionally used to boost stamina and endurance.
Chaga mushroom
Supports immune function during times of increased stress.

Mood Enhancement

Ashwagandha and rhodiola rosea keep my stress response in check and elevate my mood naturally (4). As a busy professional, these adaptogens have revolutionized my approach to wellbeing.

Adaptogens like ashwagandha and rhodiola rosea
May help elevate mood.
Cacao and caffeine
Provide mood-boosting effects.

All in all, Spacegoods has crafted a versatile daily dust that tastes great while also boosting brain health in noticeable, yet subtle ways. Its premium blend of nootropics and mushrooms truly improves my daily routine.

The targeted ingredients in Rainbow Dust provide tangible benefits to focus, energy and mood. For experienced biohackers focused on optimization, it’s a smart addition to any morning routine.

Drawbacks to Consider

Price of $49 per bag
May be high for occasional use. Consider starter kit or subscription.
Taste preferences
Won’t appeal to all. Some find it too sweet.
Nutrient balance
Not a replacement for a balanced diet rich in whole foods.
Cycling usage
Should cycle on/off to avoid side effects or tolerance with long-term use.

While Rainbow Dust offers a premium blend of quality ingredients shown to support brain health, there are some caveats knowing that people have different needs, tastes and budgets.

When I first started using the Astro Dust Chocolate flavor over six months ago, the price did give me pause. 

However, after research revealed its potent formulation of natural ingredients, I decided the investment was worth trying. Spacegoods also offers affordable Premium Starter Kits perfect for testing different flavors.

And as with any supplement stack, it’s important to understand Rainbow Dust is meant as a complement rather than replacement for eating whole, nutrient-rich foods daily. Its convenient powder blend should not encourage skewing away from balanced nourishment.

Additionally, cycling usage is wise long-term. After finding what daily dosage worked best for focus and mood over weeks, I now take breaks to avoid tolerance. 

Spacegoods recommends cycling 1-2 months on followed by 1-2 weeks off. This intermittent approach prevents diminishing returns.

Most importantly, knowing that people have diverse tastes, I’d urge potential buyers to start with sample sizes. Not everyone enjoys the subtly sweet flavor profiles like I do. 

But for those seeking an easy way to support brain health through quality ingredients in their daily routine, Rainbow Dust continues to be a smart option. With subscription discounts and different flavors, there’s a way for most budgets.


Does Rainbow Dust have long term negative effects?

While individual ingredients in Rainbow Dust have been used for thousands of years and are generally recognized as safe, it’s always best to consult with your doctor before adding any new supplement to your routine long term. 

Some people report mild side effects like headaches or insomnia when first starting to take adaptogenic mushrooms and herbs, but these usually subside within a few days as your body adjusts. 

Most experts recommend cycling one to two months on and one to two weeks off to avoid building up a tolerance. There does not seem to be significant evidence of long term negative effects when taken as directed.

Is it okay to take more than the recommended 8g serving of Rainbow Dust?

The 8g single serving is scientifically formulated to provide sustained energy, focus and relaxation throughout the day without side effects for most adults. 

Exceeding this amount is not necessary and could potentially cause restlessness, insomnia or other issues for some. Space Goods does not recommend exceeding the 8g serving without first consulting your doctor. 

Sticking to the recommended serving is the best way to experience the benefits of Rainbow Dust safely.

Can I try a smaller sample or trial pack before buying the full bag of Rainbow Dust?

Yes, Space Goods offers premium Rainbow Dust trial packs so you can test the product first before making a larger time purchase. Their premium starter kit includes sample sizes so you can try different flavours like chocolate and vanilla cinnamon. 

This is a super simple way to see if you like the taste and notice any benefits from the dust premium before committing to a full bag. The trial pack also makes a perfect gift for someone who wants to experience the popular space goods ‘for themselves’.

Is Rainbow Dust acceptable to take every day without problem?

For most healthy adults, it is suitable to take one 8g serving of Rainbow Dust daily on an everyday basis. However, it’s still considered a supplement rather than a meal replacement. Maintaining a generally healthy, balanced diet is important as well. 

As with any product, check with your doctor if you have any medical conditions or take medications, as certain ingredients like coffee extract could potentially interact in rare cases. But for healthy individuals, one serving of Rainbow Dust per day is usually not a problem.

Can I cancel my Rainbow Dust subscription at any time?

Yes, the Rainbow Dust subscription through Space Goods is very flexible and you can cancel at any time for any reason. There are no long-term commitments or contracts. 

You maintain full control and canceling your subscription is as easy as logging into your account online and following the instructions provided. 

You can pause or cancel shipments from one month to the next with no penalties. This makes the subscription model low risk for those wanting to try dust premium in the popular space goods format on an ongoing basis.

How does Rainbow Dust v1 compare to the newer formulas?

The original Rainbow Dust v1 formula is still considered highly effective by many long term customers. It utilizes classic adaptogenic mushroom powders and coffee extract for focus, energy and relaxation. 

Some people prefer the original subtle chocolate flavour profile as well. However, the newer formulas have introduced exciting flavours like vanilla cinnamon using high quality ingredients. 

All formulas are designed to have a super versatile powder that is easy to mix into various drinks and foods. Overall, the goal of sustainably energizing your day and positively impacting mood and focus remains the same across different versions.

Can Rainbow Dust be mixed into a protein shake or with water or milk?

Yes, Rainbow Dust is extremely versatile and can be mixed quite easily into all sorts of different recipes. Some people prefer to blend it into a protein shake first thing in the morning for convenience. 

Others like mixing a small scoop of dust premium into a glass of water, coffee, nut milk or other beverage throughout the day. You can even sprinkle some on top of oatmeal, yogurt or chia pudding. Everyone has their own preference. 

Both water and milk work well. Experimenting with different recipes is part of the fun of finding what format you love for incorporating the adaptogenic mushroom powders into your routine.

Are the ingredients in Rainbow Dust safe and is it suitable for vegans?

All ingredients used in Rainbow Dust formulations are sourced from reputable suppliers and are generally recognized as safe in the recommended serving size. The ingredients have a long history of traditional use as powerful natural supplements. 

That said, it’s always wise when starting any new product to pay attention to how your body responds and discontinue use if any issues arise. The original chocolate flavour is also completely vegan friendly. 

While the relatively new vanilla cinnamon includes milk powder and is therefore not vegan. Best to check the specific product details if strict vegan diet is important.

How quickly can I expect to notice benefits from taking Rainbow Dust?

Most customers report gradually noticing benefits within a few weeks of taking the recommended 2x 8g servings of Rainbow Dust per day. These benefits can include sustained focus, more stable energy levels and relaxation without crash. 

However, adaptogens and mushrooms are quite gentle and work subtly to support natural well-being over calming time rather than producing dramatic overnight changes. Individual results may vary depending on diet, lifestyle and personal biochemistry. 

Consistency is key for the body to adapt to these scientifically proven natural ingredients. Some find value even from a single serving per day.

Can Rainbow Dust be purchased in pouches instead of bags?

While Rainbow Dust is traditionally packaged and sold in durable bags suitable for long term storage, Space Goods now also offers some formulas in convenient convenient that come with a scooper for portioning out servings. 

Customers report that the smaller format makes it super simple to toss a pouch in their bag each morning so rainbow dust can be mixed on the go throughout the day wherever their lifestyle takes them. 

Whether choosing bags or smaller pouches, both allow you to experience a smoother ‘brain mushroom’ on a longer term basis without waste or fuss.

Is there an alternative to Rainbow Dust that provides similar benefits?

While there is no direct copy or identical formula, some adaptogenic mushroom and herb blends on the market produce comparable calming effects for energy, focus and relaxation when taken as directed. 

A few quality alternatives include Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee, Moon Juice Adaptogenic SuperSmart or Om Mushroom Mix. 

However, none offer the thousands of years of traditional use and strong adaptogenic formula of Rainbow Dust backed by transparent publishing all active breakne ingredients to achieve benefits. This puts Space Goods among the most trusted brands providing natural supplements.


After years of trying many mushroom powders in my own pursuit of stable energy and focus throughout long work days, I’ve found Spacegoods Rainbow Dust to provide a super versatile and subtly sweet blend that works well for me. 

While taste is subjective, most customers seem satisfied with the subtly flavours after discovering recipes they enjoy. 

With generous sample options and a flexible subscription, interested individuals have an easy way to safely experience Rainbow Dust’s adaptogenic ingredients and decide if this popular space goods formula could benefit them as a calm supplement in their everyday routine. 

If you’ve used Rainbow Dust, I’d love to hear how the premium mushroom powders have impacted your life in the feedback below!



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