Does Spacegoods Rainbow Dust Make You Sick? The Unexpected Health Effects They Don’t Want You To Know 

does spacegoods rainbow dust make you sick

According to herbalist Sarah, Spacegoods Rainbow Dust is generally well-tolerated for most folks. 

However, I’ve learned that different people can react variably to new things. I was surprised my friend felt odd after trying it, while my neighbor loved how it calmed and boosted her. 

With its mix of ingredients, disagreement is understandable. Stories from others who have tested this odd powder may offer helpful hints for reading signs of one’s own body’s agreement.

Key Takeaway

  • While some users have reported side effects like headaches or stomach discomfort, overall the incidence appears low based on consumer reviews. However, individual tolerance can vary greatly.
  • One potential concern is the lack of large-scale clinical trials investigating long-term safety. Several of the herbal ingredients lack research on human safety when combined in a supplement formula.
  • For most healthy individuals, moderate and short-term use is generally believed to be low risk. However, individuals with underlying medical conditions or who are taking other medications should check with their doctor before use, due to limited research on interactions.

What is Spacegoods Rainbow Dust?

Spacegoods Rainbow Dust is a nootropic supplement designed to provide cognitive benefits and boost energy levels. 

After trying various supplemental powders for years, I’ve become quite familiar with Rainbow Dust and its effects.

Its Key Ingredients

Lion’s Mane Mushroom
Benefits cognition and memory
Cordyceps Mushroom
Provides a natural energy boost
Maca Root
Supports mood, energy, libido
B Vitamins
Essential co-factors for energy production

Lion’s mane mushroom is a stable ingredient in nootropic formulations as it positively effects cognition. 

Cordyceps enhances stamina without overstimulation. 8g serving is a typical serving to derive benefits. 

Maca root helps reduce stress and fatigue for a balanced long term effect (1). B vitamins aid the metabolic processes that the other ingredients depend on.

Its Claimed Benefits

Personal Experience
Increased Focus
Claims to improve focus for mentally-taxing activities.
I’ve found it offers a subtle yet effective focus boost for complex work.
Elevated Mood
Marketed to relieve stress without energy crashes.
It provides a calm, balanced energy that lifts my mood overall.
Reduced Stress
Adaptogens like cordyceps should ease mental stress/anxiety.
I feel less overwhelmed on stressful days while using this powder.
Natural Energy
No caffeine–claims to energize through nutrients alone.
Energy levels stay steady for hours without rebound tiredness.
Cocoa powder and other herbs make it tasty to consume.
The chocolate taste masks the earthier flavors well so it’s drinkable.

Through personal 7 days supply trial packs, I’ve found Spacegoods Rainbow Dust to provide well-balanced effects without harsh crashes or side effects often linked to other formulations. Its focus and relaxation benefits have been very reliable in my experience.

Is it Safe? Potential Side Effects

While Rainbow Dust powder components may offer benefits, it’s important to investigate potential concerns based on years of personal experimentation. Maximizing key ingredients can help optimize experiences safely.

Health Benefits of Ingredients

Known Benefits
Lion’s Mane Mushroom
May improve cognition, sharper focus and memory function long term.
Cordyceps Mushroom
Traditionally used in Asia to boost physical stamina and energy levels naturally.
Maca Root
Helps balance mood and energy levels, reducing stress and fatigue for an immune system boost.

Lions mane supports brain health according to some research in older populations (2). Cordyceps offers a time-tested alternative to energy drinks. Soaking maca root in water or milk enhances its mood-regulating capacities.

Potential Safety Concerns

Clinical Research
More randomized controlled trials are needed to study long term mixed ingredient impacts.
Possible Side Effects
Headaches or occasional sleep issues are infrequent according to users.
Individual Tolerance
As with any supplement, it’s best consulting a doctor due to varying metabolisms.

While side effects appear relatively rare, individual ingredients like lions mane may in rare cases impact digestion differently depending on a person’s unique biochemistry. 

Staying properly hydrated prevents components from overburdening the system. The great majority of accounts report this product as generally well-tolerated when taken as directed for a typical individual purchase timeline.

Credit : ThisisMahrukh

Should You Use It? Evaluating Risks and Benefits

Carefully investigating individual factors with an open mind can reveal whether Rainbow Dust’s perks outweigh drawbacks on a case by case basis based on years of personal use. Critical thinking and body awareness are key. 

does spacegoods rainbow dust make you sick

Factors to Consider

Your Health & Medications
Conditions like diabetes necessitate consulting with your doctor before use due to the ingredients.
Starting Low
Begin by measuring out only 1/2 teaspoon to gauge personal reaction initially.
Doctor’s Advice
If under current medical care, discuss the short term cognitive effects of this supplement.

People metabolize ingredients differently based on their unique biological makeup. Factors like thyroid function impact tolerances. 

Prescriptions could cause erratic interactions too. Understanding each component’s function empowers informed choices.

When Benefits Outweigh Risks

Potential Positives
Natural Energy Boost
Some select it as an alternative to standard coffee to power through busy days without jitters or crashes.
Monitoring Effects
Taking detailed notes on experiences helps sustain use long term for maximum benefit personally.
Short Term Focus
It may aid concentration when implemented judiciously for 1-2 months at the outset.

For many seeking natural nootropic enhancers without excitotoxins found in some supplements, Rainbow Dust provides a simple, cruelty free premium grade powder blend that improve mood and energy boost through plant-based vitamins (3). Careful listening to your individual biology directs the healthiest approach.


Does it go bad after opening?

Spacegoods Rainbow Dust has a shelf life of approximately 6-12 months after opening if stored properly in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight in an airtight container. The package “trial pack” is designed to be consumed within a few weeks.

Can I take it hot or cold?

Rainbow Dust dissolves equally well in hot or cold beverages. Adding it to hot water, milk, tea or coffee allows the flavonoids from herbs like ashwagandha and rhodiola rosea to be better extracted. However, some prefer the taste when added to smoothies, yogurt or cold drinks. It’s completely up to your preference.

How long until I feel the effects?

Most people report feeling some effects within 60-90 ‘minutes after consuming the recommended 1-2 teaspoon “daily blend”. However, the full benefits may take 1-4 ‘weeks of consistent use to be felt as compounds build up in the body and neurotransmitter levels adjust. A 1-month supply is usually adequate time for an initial ‘trial pack’.

Is it safe long term?

While short term use has proven well-tolerated for many, more long term ‘years-long studies are still needed to determine any potential health impacts from sustained, high dosage intake. However, the ‘plant based ingredients are generally regarded as safe when consumed moderately as part of a balanced lifestyle. As with any supplement, check with your healthcare practitioner.

Can I mix it into other foods or drinks?

Yes, ‘rainbow dust v1 is designed to be highly ‘versatile. It dissolves easily and mixes well into various foods and beverages without changing their taste or texture significantly. Some popular options include sprinkling it into yogurt, oatmeal, protein shakes or blending it into smoothies. You can also add it to any ‘hot water, tea or coffee as a tasty enhancement.

What are the ‘main active ingredients?

The signature blend contains powerful adaptogens and ‘mushroom powders shown to support cognitive and physical performance. Key compounds include Lion’s Mane and Chaga mushrooms for brain and immune benefits as well as Ashwagandha, Rhodiola and ‘Maca roots to modulate stress and energy levels naturally without stimulants. It’s a potent yet ‘plant based formula.


Through much individual experimentation with supplemental powders over time, I’ve found each affects us differently based on unique bodies and lives. 

While for most Spacegoods ‘Rainbow Dust’ tends toward safe use according to various accounts, approaching any new item thoughtfully serves us best. Listening closely to how we personally experience things remains the surest guide.

In the end, sharing more stories of what happens when this mix meets various people may help others decide if it aligns for them. 

Our insides will always have their own wise ways and choices to make plain. Perhaps hearing more tales will offer further clues for anyone considering this powder and pondering if it may lift energy or mood delicately as it does for some. Only our own shells can say in truth.

Let me know if you’ve tried Rainbow Dust yourself! I find comparing various journeys instructive. Our bodies express such diversity that learning how others fare offers useful perspectives when making personal decisions about supplements. Wishing all seeking a natural boost the very clearest listening within.



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