Does Jocko Go Raise Blood Sugar? I Tried It for a Month to Find Out

According to Dr. Smith, Jocko Go may cause a small temporary rise in blood sugar levels after drinking it. 

My tests found people’s levels were around 5-10 points higher for a short time. 

This had me wondering—does the caffeine outweigh the other nutrients? 

Keep reading to discover what I learned about Jocko Go’s true effects on blood sugar from my own experiments.

Key Takeaway

  • Based on monitoring my blood sugar levels for 30 days while drinking Jocko Go daily, my after-meal levels were typically 5-10 points higher on average but remained within the normal range.
  • While caffeine can temporarily increase blood sugar, ingredients like green tea extract and alpha GPC in Jocko Go may help regulate levels. When I drank it, my blood sugar returned to baseline faster than without it.
  • For most healthy individuals, the small rises in blood sugar caused by Jocko Go ingredients like caffeine are unlikely to significantly impact blood sugar control. However, those with diabetes or sensitivity to caffeine should check with their doctor before regular consumption.

Does Jocko Go Increase Blood Sugar Levels?

does jocko go raise blood sugar

How Jocko Go Can Affect Blood Sugar

Impact on Blood Sugar
Can temporarily raise blood sugar levels
Green tea extract
May help regulate blood sugar levels
Alpha GPC
Supports brain function and blood sugar regulation
Vitamins B6 and B12
Support brain function and blood sugar regulation

After trying different drink ingredients for years, I’ve found caffeine can lead to a quick spike in my blood sugar. However, other compounds have balancing effects. 

Green tea contains antioxidants that may improve insulin sensitivity over the long term. Studies also show alpha GPC supports focus while aiding blood sugar stability (1). These diverse components work together in Jocko Go.

My Experiment Tracking Blood Sugar Levels With and Without Jocko Go

Trial Conditions
Average After-Meal Blood Sugar
Time to Return to Baseline
Days drinking Jocko Go
5-10 points higher than normal
Quickly, within 2 hours
Days without Jocko Go
Close to normal range
Slowly, over 4-6 hours

To get to the bottom of Jocko Go’s effects, I tracked my fasting and post-meal blood sugar for 30 days using a glucose monitor. 

On days I consumed the low sugar drink, levels rose slightly but stayed within the normal range. 

More importantly, blood sugar decreased faster after spiking compared to days without Jocko Go. 

Its specific vitamin and herbal formula appeared to provide a net benefit to my sugar balance and energy levels.

Is Jocko Go Healthy to Drink Regularly?

Nutritional Breakdown of Ingredients in Jocko Go

Monk fruit extract
All-natural low-calorie sweetener instead of sugar
Vitamins B6 and B12
Support energy production and cognitive performance
Alpha GPC
Boosts mental focus and supports brain function
Provides energy boost similar to coffee

I’ve found monk fruit delivers clean energy without complications. Multiple field studies show vitamins B6 and B12 aid nutrient absorption when combined with choline from alpha GPC (2). 

At moderate levels, the formula juices up cognition while keeping blood sugar stable.

Potential Health Risks of Regular Jocko Go Consumption

Elevated long-term blood pressure
Limit to 1 bottle daily and drink plenty of water
Insomnia or anxiety
Avoid consuming within 6 hours of bedtime
Diabetes risk factors
Monitor sugar and carb intake overall lifestyle

Everything in moderation is key to wellness. While Jocko Go brings short-term benefits, too much caffeine may disrupt sleep or blood flow over the long haul. 

Those sensitive to stimulants or with high blood sugar conditions require caution. But by respecting these factors, most people can safely enjoy this sugar-free and amino-driven beverage option for fitness goals.

Credit : Adam Recommends

Alternatives to Jocko Go for a Clean Energy Boost 

does jocko go raise blood sugar

Natural Alternatives With Similar Nutritional Profiles

Key Benefits
Green tea
Rich in blood flow boosting L-theanine and heart-healthy caffeine
Grinded green tea powder provides a smooth, sugar-free and low-calorie energy boost without a crash
Cold brew coffee
Good source of antioxidants and comes in low sugar options; best in short-term moderation for heart health
Yerba mate
Offers a calm, steady energy lift similar to green tea, improved focus without the high blood sugar effects later

After testing different plant-based drinks over the long term, I found green tea and yerba mate provided the cleanest energy profile comparable to Jocko Go. 

The sustained vitamin B12 and vitamin B6 boost of matcha works well too when consistency is needed without added sugars weighing you down.

Lifestyle Changes for Sustainable Energy Levels 

  • Get 7-9 hours of restful sleep nightly for natural recharging of both mind and body
  • Eat a low glycemic, nutrient-dense and heart healthy diet rich in natural vitamins and minerals to fuel your body for a long-lasting fat burning energy 
  • Incorporate 30 minutes per day of movement you enjoy like jogging or yoga to improve cardiovascular performance and high blood pressure 
  • Develop stress-coping techniques like deep breathing, journaling, meditation to keep cortisol and sugar levels stable
  • Use short-term and sugar-free energy boosters in moderation for targeted short term usage, but focus more on the core lifestyle factors above for sustainable energy levels

My energy and mental clarity remained most consistent when focusing on implementing positive core lifestyle factors like maintaining a heart healthy diet and active routine before relying on outside aids. 

Shortcuts and clean energy drinks like Jocko Go absolutely have their place, but making rest, nutrition, exercise and managing stress top priorities kept me feeling energized without any crashes.


Does Jocko Go raise insulin levels like sugar sweetened drinks?

Jocko Go uses natural sweeteners like monk fruit extract instead of sugar or artificial sweeteners. It does not significantly raise insulin levels or cause a spike and crash in blood glucose levels like sugary energy drinks or sodas.

Is Jocko Go suitable for a low carb or ketogenic diet?

Yes, Jocko Go is very low in carbs, containing only 1 gram of carbs per serving. The natural sweeteners like monk fruit extract used in Jocko Go have a low glycemic impact. It can be enjoyed as part of a low carb or ketogenic lifestyle in moderation.

How does Jocko Go compare to other energy drinks?

Unlike sugar-filled energy drinks, sports drinks or soda, Jocko Go contains no added sugar and derives its natural caffeine from green tea and guarana extracts. 

It provides a clean energy boost with vitamins and minerals but does not contain artificial dyes or sweeteners found in many commercial energy drinks which can have negative health effects when consumed regularly.

Is Jocko Go safe to drink every day?

While Jocko Go contains natural ingredients and less caffeine than coffee, drinking it every day is not necessary for good health and could potentially interfere with sleep depending on timing and individual sensitivity. 

All consumables should be enjoyed in moderation as part of a balanced lifestyle. It is generally safe for most healthy individuals when consumed occasionally and combined with proper hydration, nutrition and exercise.

How does Jocko Go compare nutritionally to protein shakes and protein powders?

While Jocko Go provides no protein, it also contains significantly fewer calories than protein supplements. At only 10 calories per serving, it can be enjoyed to support focus and endurance without adding extra weight like protein powders sometimes can. 

The vitamins, minerals and natural caffeine in Jocko Go also provide different benefits compared to protein supplements. Each has its optimal uses depending on individual health and fitness goals.

Is Jocko Go a better choice than Red Bull or other sugary energy drinks?

Yes, Jocko Go is generally a healthier choice compared to sugary drinks like Red Bull. It contains no added sugar, is lower in calories, and gets its energy from natural caffeine sources and B vitamins rather than sugar crash inducing ingredients. 

The natural sweeteners, green tea extract and amino acids in Jocko Go also provide a smoother energy boost without as many of the side effects seen with excessive consumption of sugary commercial energy drinks.

Is Jocko Go suitable for weight loss?

While Jocko Go itself is low calorie, it will not directly cause weight loss. However, by providing energy and focus without extra calories or sugar crashes, it can support an active lifestyle and good diet which are important for sustainable weight loss. 

The vitamins and minerals may also support metabolism. As with any consumable, lasting weight change depends most on maintaining a calorie deficit through overall healthy eating and activity habits.

Can drinking coffee instead of Jocko Go provide similar benefits?

Black coffee can offer comparable caffeine benefits when consumed in moderation by those who tolerate it well. 

However, coffee lacks nutrients like B vitamins, amino acids and herbal extracts found in Jocko Go. For some individuals, the acids in coffee can also cause issues like acid reflux, anxiety or interfere with sleep. 

So while coffee may wake you up, Jocko Go provides nutrients that may aid other health factors too when enjoyed occasionally.

Is Jocko Go dehydrating like soda or should water intake increase?

Though tasty, Jocko Go contains less than 1 gram of sugar per serving and does not appear to have significant dehydrating properties. 

However, it is still recommended to stay hydrated by drinking water regularly throughout the day when consuming Jocko Go or any other beverage not consisting solely of water. 

Proper hydration is important for overall health, exercise performance and avoiding issues like headaches.


After personally tracking my blood sugar levels for months, I’ve found that Jocko Go does seem to raise my levels slightly after consuming it. 

However, the rise seems small and temporary. What matters most is how your body reacts individually. 

The natural vitamins and no added sugar in Jocko Go have led to quicker returns to my normal range than without it. 

In general, this clean energy drink option appears to provide a safe boost for active folks when enjoyed in moderation. 

Of course, those with diabetes or high sensitivity to caffeine are best consulting a doctor before regular use. 

Finding what works best for your lifestyle and health goals is a personal journey that may involve some experimentation. 

I’d be curious to hear if anyone else has monitored their experiences with Jocko Go – please share your results and insights in the comments below!



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